NG boutique collates the work of New Zealand and International designers whose work is either emerging in the world of high end fashion or is well established. All designers are carefully selected for their unique aesthetics, for their use of quality materials and production processes and for their artistic practices rather than their commercial brand.

Travelling to Paris fashion week, director and designer Sharon Ng, chooses clothing and accessories for discerning and NOT FOR SAFE DRESSERS who have a love of distinctive possessions and a passion for individual expression.

With an eye for artistic talent and a background in fashion design, Sharon Ng is particularly interested in supporting emerging designers whose work is relevant and contemporary and possesses the “timelessness” requisite of classicism.

The boutique is located within a renovated heritage building and operates alongside a contemporary jewellery gallery, a fine art gallery, architectural practice and graphic design business. It is a destination store that not only offers exquisite and exclusive products but offers an inspirational experience for all visitors who appreciate the merging of  quality traditional and modern workmanship.   


Award-winning designer and artisan Susan Dimasi is the Creative Director of fashion house MATERIALBYPRODUCT. She established the brand in Melbourne in 2003 and has consistently delivered collections described by fashion commentators as "a seamless blend of fashion and art", ever since.

Dimasi's work is informed by her long apprenticeship in mens's tailoring, consequently, signature stitching and constructed tailoring details are continuing themes in her work. In line with courtier traditions MATERIALBYPRODUCT does not compromise on materials, time or custom fitting. Attention to detail is paramount, even in ready-to-wear items. Dimasi has an unapologetic commitment to exquisite materials - silk crepe, wool felt and featherweight leather. The garments are more that clothing, they are compositions.